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2012Trex14RRed   ***SOLD*** 2012 Campagna T-rex 14R Red w/Forgiato Wheels **SOLD**
2011PWR   ***SOLD*** 2011 Campagna T-rex 14R - Pearl White w/Sound System
2011TRXPWBLK   **SOLD** 2011 Pearl Mist Campagna T-rex 14R w/Forgiato 19"/22" Wheels **SOLD**
2007TrexCite2   **SOLD** 2007 Campagna T-rex 1400/14R Light Blue/Silver **SOLD**
Z2011PealWhite2   **SOLD** 2011 Campagna T-rex 14R Pearl White **SOLD**
2013Trex14RR   **SOLD** 2013 Campagna T-rex 14RR Tropical Blue **SOLD**
2015Trex16sWht   **SOLD** 2015 Campagna T-rex 16S Winter White TrexCite Customized **SOLD**
2011TRX14RRASG   *SOLD* 2011 Assault Green Campagna T-rex 14RR
2015Trex16SWblk   *SOLD* 2015 Campagna T-rex 16S *w/TrexCite Multi-Color Lights & Halo Rings*
V13RORG   *SOLD* Customized 2012 Campagna V13R *SOLD*
06YellTrx   *SOLD* 2006 Campagna T-rex w/Upgrades *SOLD*
zz2011TrexMatteBlk   *SOLD* 2011 Campagna T-rex 14RR Limited Edition Matte Black *SOLD*
2013Trex14RPM   *SOLD* 2013 Campagna T-rex 14R Pearl Mist Stock w/Low Miles *SOLD*
2015Trex16SWRedInt   *SOLD* 2015 Campagna T-rex 16S Customized *w/BMW Red Diamond Stitched Interior*
CHARTRX16S   *SOLD* TrexCite Charcoal T-rex 16S Special Edition
2007TrexCite1   2007 Campagna T-rex 1400/14R Matte Blue Painted
2008SPYDERCUS   2008 BRP Can-Am Spyder *w/ ASANTI wheels & Stereo* SOLD
2010Trex14RMY   2010 Campagna T-rex 14R *MATTE YELLOW*
z2011AERO3SSIL   2011 Bright Silver/Black Campagna T-rex with AERO 3S kit Fully Loaded = Not Available
2011V13RBLKCHR   2011 Campagna V13R Diamond Black *w/Full Chrome Suspension*
2012PealWhite1zz   2012 Campagna T-rex 14R Pearl White *Low Mileage*
2014Trex16SbL   2014 Campagna T-rex 16S Burning Blue w/ASANTI Wheels ***Call for Pricing Today!***
2014Trex16SWt   2014 Campagna T-rex 16S Winter White ***Fully Customized*** SOLD
2015Trex16SP   2015 Campagna T-rex 16SP Winter White Ext.- Red Int. *Limited Edition*
2016Trex16SP   2016 Campagna T-rex 16SP Blaze Orange Ext.- Grey Int. *SOLD*
dsac1   Aero3s Grills
DSC231   Aero3S Standard Projector Fog Laps (1 Pair)
ASANTIWHLS1   ASANTI AF-164 Wheels/Tires Package for Campagna T-rex **Pre-owned**
CFSWTV   Cabon Fiber Sttering Wheel for T-rex & V13R
T14DDDashFG   Campagna T-rex 14R/RR 6" & 7" Double-Din Dashboard - No Trade in Required
T14DDDash89FG   Campagna T-rex 14R/RR 8" & 9" Double-Din Dashboard - No Trade-in Required
TStockSeatsStnd16S   Campagna T-rex 16S Stock Seat Cover Kits (Original OEM) Used
TrxSprok45   Campagna T-rex 16S/16SP Rear Sprocket Black
TYosh   Campagna T-rex 16S/16SP/20th Anniversary Exhaust kit - Yoshimura
THeaders   Campagna T-rex 16S/16SP/20th Anniversary Stainless Steel Headers
TRX3PFDRS   Campagna T-rex 3 POINT Fiberglass Fenders (1 Pair)
TCFLKITcomplete   Campagna T-rex Carbon Fiber Complete Kit ( 7 Pieces)
TENGCFC   Campagna T-rex Carbon Fiber Engine Cover (3 pcs)
TCFLKIT   Campagna T-rex Carbon Fiber Limited Kit ( 2 Large Pieces ONLY)
TFINSCF   Campagna T-rex Carbon Fiber Nose Fins (1 Pair)
CFWING   Campagna T-rex Carbon Fiber Rear Wing
TSPKPODSCNTR   Campagna T-rex Center Speaker Pod
TDiamond   Campagna T-rex Diamond Stitched Premium Seat Cover Bundle
TrxCap   Campagna T-rex Gas Cap w/Key - ONLY
TDecalsSTND1   Campagna T-rex Logo Decal Kit (5 Pieces) - Any Color
CTCB   Campagna T-rex OEM Cover (BLACK)
CTCR   Campagna T-rex OEM Cover (RED SP)
TSSBWBCLR   Campagna T-rex Saddle Bags Complete Kit w/Brackets (Clear Reflectors & Smooth RED Finish)
TSSBWB   Campagna T-rex Saddle Bags Complete Kit w/Brakets (Red Reflectors & Matte Finish)
TT2017Pat   Campagna T-rex TrexCite 2017 Pattern Stitched Premium Seat Cover Bundle
V13RSPKPODSR   Campagna V13R Side Rear Speaker Pods (1 Pair)
VStockSeatsStnd   Campagna V13R Stock Seat Cover Kits (Original OEM) Used
eha1112   Chain Guard+Rear Sprocket+Red Lamp
T2BrosShorties   Custom Campagna T-rex 16S & 16SP Exhaust kit - Two Brothers
TDCupH   Custom Dual Cup Holder for Campagna T-rex *A MUST HAVE**
CTMirr   Custom T-rex Mirrors (1 PAIR) - Mount to Frame or Windshield (BLACK)
ThrottleCab   Dan T-rex Trottle Cable
DSFPRE1   Driver's side Front Fender (PreOwned)
EUTAH10   Ehab - T-rex Accessories
EV13RTREX   Engster - 2 Way Transport V13R/T-rex
ec15se   Exhaust Clamps 1 Kit (2pcs For One Muffler)
Tbundle1   HID Headlight Conversion Kit & Halo Ring kit for the T-rex 1200
JRP1   Justin Reverse Repair
flfs   Lower Front Spoiler
CUSLUXRIMS3   Luxury Wheels & Tires Package for Campagna T-rex *Chrome or Painted your Style*
meok2   M.E. New Accessories
MiniTrexKeychain   Miniature 3D T-rex Keychain **Limited Time Offer** Pre-Order Today!
TMBC2   Mirror Back Cover for Campagna T-rex (1 Pair)
TSPKPODset   New Design Campagna T-rex Side Rear Speaker Pods Set (3 Pieces)
RBunble1   Rashard - Air Scoop, LED Bulbs, 6 Rings,
hrevbo   Reverse Cable Rod End
rship   Robert Overnight Shipping
rtool1   Rocky Tool
rbbb1   Rubber Dampers & Bearings Bundle
fnyc1   Seat Cushions & Additional Embroidery
lwfpq17   Shipment balance
scutah   Shipping to Smoke City
z2010TRXPW   SOLD 2010 Pearl White Campagna T-rex - Fully Loaded SOLD
zZ2010BMWS1000RRWHT   SOLD 2010 *BMW Motorsports Color Scheme* BMW S1000RR SOLD
zZ2010SPYDERRS-S   SOLD 2010 BRP Can-Am Spyder RS-S *Special Edition* SOLD
z2010TRXSIL   SOLD 2010 Dark Silver Campagna T-rex SOLD
zZ2011BMWS1000RRORG   SOLD 2011 * Custom Orange* BMW S1000RR SOLD
z2011TRX14RRG   SOLD 2011 *Limited Edition* Assault Green Campagna T-rex 14RR SOLD
zZ2011TRX14RRBzz   SOLD 2011 *Limited Edition* Competition Blue Campagna T-rex 14RR - Fully Loaded SOLD
z2011TRXSIL   SOLD 2011 Bright Silver Campagna T-rex SOLD
2009TRXASAN   SOLD 2009 White Campagna T-rex 14R w/ASANTI AF-134 Wheels *SOLD*
zZ2010BMWS1000RRGRY   SOLD 2010 *BMW Dark Grey* BMW S1000RR **Super, Super Clean & Extremely Low Miles** SOLD
z2011V13RBLK   SOLD 2011 Campagna V13R - Fully Customized SOLD
zz2011TRXREDRR   SOLD 2011 Exotic Red Campagna T-rex 14RR Fully Loaded SOLD
z2011TrexORG   SOLD 2011 Tangerine Orange Campagna T-rex SOLD
z2012TrexGR   SOLD 2012 Energy Green Campagna T-rex SOLD
z2010PearlWhite14RSK   SOLD Pearl White Campagna T-rex 14R SOLD
z200BLUE2006   SOLD 2006 Blue Campagna T-rex *SOLD*
z2007YellowTCE   SOLD 2007 Campagna T-rex 1400/14R Yellow w/Matte Black *SOLD*
z200Red2007   SOLD 2007 Candy Red Campagna T-rex **Late Model w/ASANTI Wheels** SOLD
z2007TrexBLK2   SOLD 2007 Pearl Black Campagna T-rex - Super Deal on a NEW STYLE 1400cc T-rex Available SOLD
z2011V13RWHT   SOLD 2011 Campagna V13R - Special Pearl White Upgrade w/Accessories SOLD
z2011AERO3SRED   SOLD 2011 Red/Black Campagna T-rex with AERO 3S kit Fully Loaded SOLD
Aero3STrexCite   SOLD* Aero3S Full body kit Campagna T-rex 14RR Orange/Black TrexCite Edition
STMirr   Stock Factory Replacement T-rex Mirrors (1 PAIR) - Mount in Factory Locations
STOCKRIMPKG   Stock Front & Rear Wheels/Tires Package for Campagna T-rex
TSENCKIT   Stock T-rex 1400/1600 Engine Cover kit *Shipping Included**
tr12rgsb   T-rex 1200 Reverse Gasket & Seals Bundle
Trex14Clutch   T-rex 1400/14R/14RR - OEM Kawasaki Clutch Kit Complete w/Gasket
TBat14Rr   T-rex 14R & 14RR Battery Tray for Optima Battery
TSEDCNT   T-rex 14R/14RR Speedo Support Cover & Speedo Nut
rvcable1   T-rex 14R/14RR/1200 Reverse Cable (Free Shipping)
REARLTCLR   T-rex 14R/14RR/16S/16SP Rear Brake Light - Clear Lens w/Red LED Bulbs (1 Pair)
REARLTRED   T-rex 14R/14RR/16S/16SP Rear Brake Light - Red Lense (1 Pair)
RTG450Pro   T-REX 450 Pro Super Combo - (SOLD)
RTG450seV2   T-REX 450 SE V2 - (SOLD)
TRXAXL1   T-rex Axle Cush Drive Bolts & Washers Kit (5)(Grade 8 Bolts)
TCF1200G   T-rex Carbon Fiber Laminate for 1200 Guages
Trxcfstr1   T-rex Carbon Fiber Upgraded Steering Wheel
TrxfullwSblk   T-rex Full Windshield Upgrade w/BLACK Brackets **Perfect Fit**
TrxFullChmBrkts   T-rex Full Windshield Upgrade w/CHROME Brackets **Perfect Fit**
TSLTCLR   T-rex Side LED Light - Clear Lens w/White LEDs
TQReleasePad   T-rex Steering Wheel Quick Release Kit w/Paddles
TT200   T-rex Transport NJ to VT $200
TGC3   TG JL Audio C3 650
CHRMTRXSPL   TrexCite Chrome T-rex Special Edition *Fully Loaded* The World's First Chrome T-rex
TrexCiteCrystalLarge   TrexCite Crystal Memorabilia (Large Sized)
TrexCiteCrystalMedium   TrexCite Crystal Memorabilia (Medium Sized)

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